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10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Pet Moms

A mother’s love for her fur baby knows no bounds, and neither does a pet’s love for his mother.  So as we approach this Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of some ideas to help get you started and let the pet mom in your life know just how truly loved she is. 

Pet portraits

Is there anything cuter than a beautifully fashioned portrait of your pet? A handful of Etsy shop owners masterfully create stunning watercolor portraits of your furry friends from photos you provide. These gifts make wonderful keepsakes and are treasured forever.

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom


Family photo session

If your partner likes to be more involved, consider a family photo session with your kitty or pooch. Is there anything a dog mom loves more than sweet photos together? Well, maybe furry cuddles – those are hard to beat, too.

King & Fields, as well as other local photographers, all welcome taking family photos with your pets. After all, they are a part of the family!

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

Matching accessories

So maybe the pet mom in your life doesn’t like to match you out in public, but would she turn down matching sweet Scruffy? Your canine companion gets a bandana, and you can choose from a matching shirt, mask, hair scrunchy or headband to coordinate from ShopPlayfulPaws.

If she’s looking for something a little more subtle, check out these matching bracelets and dog collars.


Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom


Friendship jewelry

Your pet’s mom and her fur baby will be close at heart no matter how far apart they are with these special matching dog tags and necklace pendants. She’ll get to wear a cutout of your pet while Scruffy dons a similar silhouette around his neck.

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

Engraved Bracelet

Geopersonalized on Etsy will take a photo of your cat or pooch and engrave it onto a charm bracelet. They’ll add a second charm with your pet’s name, too. It’s as simple as choosing which font you would like and uploading a photo of your fur baby. 

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

Personalized Socks

You can’t go wrong with a pair of comfy, cozy socks. To make it even better, DivvyUp Socks will print your pet’s face all over to make them extra special. Simply upload a photo of your furry friend, and the designers will get to work.  

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

Custom Wine Glass

Even the best of us need some quality R&R every now and again. Pamper your pet mom this Mother’s Day with a personalized wine glass of her pet. PellegrinGraphis will engrave your pet’s face onto a glass, or you can opt for other sellers that hand paint your pooch or feline. 
Mother's Day gifts for pet mom Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

Pet Parent Candle

This paw print candle comes in a variety of scents and gives you the option to choose a message from your pet to his mom, so Scruffy can tell mom just how much he loves her this Mother’s Day. 

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

Cat Lover or Dog Mom Coloring Book

While she’s unwinding with her wine glass and sweet smelling paw print candle, a cat lover or dog mom coloring book may be the final touch she needs to fully destress and relax with her fur baby at night.

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom


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Pet Pillow

If the pet mom in your life loves to cuddle but her fur baby isn’t around, don’t fret. A handful of Etsy shop owners create custom pet pillows, so she can still snuggle up next to her furry friend even when they’re not available for a nap. 

Mother's Day gifts for pet mom

No matter where you find yourself this Mother’s Day, we hope you’re able to make the pet mom in your life feel a little extra special this Mother’s Day and everyday. 

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