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5 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Pet

Cane Bay Summerville Dogs Outside Exercise is something I am personally not a huge fan of, but I know I need. I have two dogs at home – one that loves exercising and one that hates it. I can relate to the one that hates it. However, I know Paisley needs to get outside, run around and see the sunlight in order to stay happy and healthy, just like I do.  

Watching Paisley’s ears perk up when I chase her in the backyard makes me just as happy as it makes her. Not only does exercising lift her spirits, but it helps keep her healthy, too. Exercising is essential in helping maintain your pet’s health.

How much daily exercise a pet needs depends on the type of animal, what kind of breed it is and its size. Finding enough time to exercise your pet can be difficult, especially if you are busy.

Below are a few ideas of how you can exercise your pet in your busy schedule.

Take Your Dog Or Pet For A Walk

My mini schnauzer, Duncan, absolutely loves walks. I enjoy them as well, because they are so relaxing. After a long day of work, a walk could be the perfect remedy to help you relax some and to get your pet up and moving. Walks can also serve as some valuable bonding time for you and your friend.

Walks alone, however, are not always sufficient exercise.

Play With Your Pet

This may seem self-explanatory. However, it’s worth repeating because it is that important. Playtime with your animal grows your relationship and keeps your pet healthy.

It is vital that your dog or pet receives cardio exercise. Playing fetch, tug of war and chasing each other around the backyard are great ways to raise your animal’s heartbeat and increase physical activity.

Schedule Play Dates At The Dog Park

A fenced in dog park is the perfect place for your dog or animal to run around without a leash. For even more fun, call up your friend and have him or her bring their pet so your dog receives exercise time and social interaction.

It’s a win-win situation for both the dogs and the humans – play dates all around.

Take Your Pet Jogging, Swimming Or Biking

Do you ever go for a jog before or after work? If your pet behaves well on a leash and doesn’t pull or tug too much, try taking him for a jog with you. Before doing this, you will want to evaluate how far your pet can realistically go. You definitely wouldn’t want Fido to end up with blisters on his paws.

The same goes for biking or swimming. Of course, before you throw your dog in a pool or lake, make sure he can swim first. It helps to get dogs acquainted with the water when they are still puppies. Golden retrievers and Labradors are particularly exceptional swimmers.

My mini schnauzer on the other hand – not so much. We took him swimming once. He couldn’t swim well, so we had to hold him and he kept trying to jump out of the pool. He hasn’t been swimming since.

Hire A Pet Sitter

If you find yourself really strapped for time, consider hiring a pet sitter to care for your animal and to exercise him for you. A trained pet sitter will know how much time your animal needs exercising a day and will make sure to meet that goal.

Whether you hire a pet sitter or exercise your pet on your own time, the health of your pet is important. “Health is wealth,” so they say. Make sure your pet has a healthy, wealthy life.

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