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5 Ways to Play With Your Cat

playing with your catDid you know a cat that is preoccupied with something and amused is less likely to exercise bad behaviors like scratching the furniture?

There are plenty of ways to keep your cat entertained. Although your cat might not be speaking your language, she is still talking to you and asking you to play with her. Do have trouble coming up with ideas of how to play with your cat?

Take a look below to see how you can play with your cat.

Back To The Basics: Hunting, Chasing And Pouncing, Oh My!

By nature, cats have an instinct to hunt. They love to chase mice, hunt injured birds and pounce for the attack. While your indoor kitty might not be outside chasing down an injured goldfinch, you can channel your cat’s outdoor instincts into indoor playtime.

Many pet stores sell toy mice attached to strings or mechanical toy mice that can move around the floor by a remote control. If you purchase a toy mouse attached to a string, move the little mouse back and forth, zigzag and all around the floor so your cat can chase it. Even consider hiding the mouse under a blanket while you’re playing with her so your cat will have the opportunity to hunt her prey.

Similarly, many pet stores sell wands with feathers on the end. The feathers represent a bird. Try bouncing the wand up and down, like an injured bird might hop on the ground, so your cat can jump and try to catch it. Not only is this fun for your cat, but it is great exercise, too.

Outside You Say? Time For Adventure

Some indoor kitties do not go outside often because they are prone to wander. If your cat is this way, consider getting a playpen to put in the yard, and allow your cat to go outside for a little bit each week in warm weather. You can even bring out the mice and feather toys so you can play with your cat while she is outside.

The outdoors provide a change of scenery for your furry friend. She can smell the fresh air, hear the actual birds chirping and see the little critters in the grass.

If you are not too keen about taking kitty outside, try allowing your cat to sit in the window. Cats love the sunlight, but a window is also a viewfinder to the outside world. A lot happens out there, and chances are, your kitty will be fascinated by all the sights the world has to offer.

Boxes And Bags: Caves, Tunnels and Exploration

Cats are easily entertained. Leaving a cardboard box on the ground for your kitty to explore is a perfect way to take an everyday household item and turn it into a toy for your friend.

Paper bags with the handles cut off are also items you can leave on the floor to have your kitten explore. Just make sure you do not allow your cat to explore plastic bags. Those could be hazardous, and if your cat were to be left unattended with one, the bag could cause suffocation. Make sure to stick with paper bags.

Obstacle Courses: Who Doesn’t Like To Play On These?

“Curiosity killed the cat,” so the saying goes. Fortunately, there are ways to allow your cat to be curious without harming her. Obstacle courses are the perfect solution. Pre-made courses may have shelves at different levels, bridges or bars to jump over.

You can even make your own obstacle course by creating different level shelves your cat can jump on. This is a great way for satisfying curiosity and getting heart healthy exercise.

One Word: Catnip

What cat doesn’t like catnip? Cats find this herb particularly pleasing. If you have an old sock at home, try filling it with a tablespoon or so of catnip, and then tie the end of the sock. Your cat will have a new, low-maintenance toy to play with and bat around.

Did you know that you can even create catnip-scented bubbles? Kittens love chasing after bubbles. Bubbles that smell like catnip will make chasing the bubbles all the more fun for your kitty.

Lastly, you can infuse your cat’s scratching post with a catnip spray. This will encourage your cat to scratch the post and not your furniture. Try sprinkling a few catnip herbs over the top of the post, or spray it with catnip-scented spray.

Any one of these ideas is a sure way to keep your cat happy and healthy. Spice up your cat’s playtime with mice, feathers, the outdoors or catnip, and see how she likes it.

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