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Why Do Cats Chase Lasers?

Cane Bay Summerville - Why Do Cats Chase Lasers?

Watching a cat chase a laser is arguably more entertaining for us than it is for the actual feline. If you own a cat or have a friend who does, you likely have discovered that cats love lasers. In fact, the enthusiasm, determination and overall intensity with which your furry friend lunges for the toy might have at first surprised ...

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Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Fertilizer

Cane Bay Summerville - Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Fertilizer

A freshly manicured lawn during the summer can be a source of pride for homeowners. Typically, however, keeping a well-maintained lawn requires using fertilizer. For pet parents, this can raise some red flags. Can you have a pristine yard and keep Fido and Peaches safe at the same time? Below we’ll discuss tips on keeping your pet safe around fertilizer. Which ...

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Can Dogs Swim in Pools with Chlorine?

Cane Bay Summerville - Can Dogs Swim in Pools with Chlorine?

In the South Carolina heat, little feels better than cooling off in a refreshing pool at the end of the day. If you’re headed out for an afternoon dip, it’s possible your dog may want to join you – but is it safe? Can dogs swim in pools with chlorine? Are Chlorine Pools Safe for Dogs? In general, yes, dogs ...

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How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Your Grass

Cane Bay Summerville - How To Prevent Dog Urine From Killing Your Grass

If you’re a dog owner, it’s likely at some point you’ve dealt with yellow or brown dead patches on your lawn where Fido likes to do his business. While this may frequently frustrate owners, it’s no doubt a common occurrence. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to prevent dog urine from killing your grass. Why Does Dog Urine ...

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4 Common Questions About Hybrid Cats

Cane Bay Summerville - Hybrid Cats

Hybrid cats have become a topic of discussion in recent years as they continue to grow in popularity as domestic pets. What exactly are hybrid cats, and are they safe to own at home? What Are Hybrid Cats? Hybrid cats are domestic cats that have been crossbred with wild felines. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, the first hybrid cat ...

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Is Microchipping Your Dog Recommended?

Cane Bay Summerville - Microchipping Your Dog

Is microchipping your dog recommended? While some people advise against it, most veterinarians and animal welfare organizations across the nation encourage it. Below we’ll discuss the details of a microchip, potential risks, and the benefits of having your dog microchipped. What Is a Microchip? A microchip is a form of identification that allows you and your pet to reunite should you ...

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10 Common Houseplants That Are Toxic to Cats

Cane Bay Summerville - 10 Common Houseplants That Are Toxic to Pets

While houseplants are a nice way to liven up your living space during spring and summer – or even during the drab months of winter – not all of them are safe for our feline friends. In fact, some of the most popular, low-maintenance plants in homes across America are dangerous if ingested by kitty. Below you’ll find a list ...

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Can I Cut My Dog’s Whiskers?

Cane Bay Summerville - Can I Cut My Dog's Whiskers?

While our puppy’s face is cute and cuddly, most of his features aren’t just for looks. They serve an important purpose by helping dogs react and respond to the world around them. His whiskers, in fact, are one of those features that aid in his ability to survive and thrive. However, you may have wondered at one point or another, ...

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What Do Dogs Dream About?

Cane Bay Summerville - What Do Dogs Dream About?

Have you ever noticed your pooch whimpering, crying, chasing something, barking or wagging his tail in his sleep? If so, you’re not alone in wondering, “What do dogs dream about?” You may be surprised to know that dogs dream about a lot of the same things their owners do. When it comes to sleep cycles, sleep patterns and dreams, humans ...

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Benefits of Adopting a Pet During Quarantine

Cane Bay Summerville - Benefits of Adopting a Pet During Quarantine

*Those interested in adopting or fostering a pet may scroll to the bottom of this article and find links to South Carolina shelters that are open for adoption and participating in the Bissell Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” promotion for a reduced $25 adoption fee. Self-isolation is a lonely business. As we navigate a new normal and adjust to a ...

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