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Benefits of Adopting a Pet During Quarantine

Cane Bay Summerville - Benefits of Adopting a Pet During Quarantine*Those interested in adopting or fostering a pet may scroll to the bottom of this article and find links to South Carolina shelters that are open for adoption and participating in the Bissell Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” promotion for a reduced $25 adoption fee.

Self-isolation is a lonely business. As we navigate a new normal and adjust to a quieter life, some people have found solace in adopting forever friends to care for and bond with on the road ahead.

If you’ve never adopted or fostered a pet, now may be a great time to find a loving companion and loyal friend. If you already have a pet at home, don’t forget sometimes they like to have playmates for their days of social distancing, too.

Thankfully, South Carolina has shelters open with opportunities to either adopt or foster during this unprecedented time. Not only will you be helping a four-legged friend, but there are many benefits to adopting a pet during quarantine.

Benefits of Adopting or Fostering a Pet During Quarantine

Reduction in Anxiety

For many people, changes in routine and a lack of social interaction, all while living in an age of uncertainty, can understandably create anxiety. Time and time again, research has shown that pets can help reduce anxiety and depression.

Particularly when living alone, having an added companion when human interaction is at an all-time low can be just the medicine you need to put a smile on your face.

Sense of Purpose 

With altered routines, potential job layoffs, furloughs and dramatic changes in everyday life, it can be normal to feel a sense of loss. Fostering or adopting a pet can recreate a sense of purpose, knowing that you’re doing something good and meaningful to make a difference in someone’s life.

TIME Magazine shared the story of one woman who found joy, contentment, stress-relief and purpose after taking in and caring for an abandoned dog that needed support. According to TIME, the two are now inseparable and help each other cope with lonely days.

Friends for Pets

If you already have a companion at home, don’t forget that sometimes your fur baby enjoys having another puppy or kitty to tumble with while social distancing and refraining from seeing their normal pals.

Adopting or fostering can be a great way to not only brighten up your life, but also add joy to your pet’s new normal. 

Fostering Is a Temporary Option During a Temporary Pandemic

For those with busy work schedules and hectic jobs, the long-term commitment of adopting and caring for a pet after the pandemic is over may not be an option. For those who want to temporarily help an animal and support their local shelter, fostering can be a great way to do just that.

Help Financially Support Local Animal Shelters During the COVID-19 Crisis

While the national economy suffers, many local businesses have taken a hit as well, including animal shelters. Adopting is a great way to not only support your local animals, but to help financially support your local animal shelters.

If you are unable to adopt or foster during this time but would still like to support the work your local shelter is doing, monetary donations are always welcomed.

Where Can I Find a Shelter to Adopt or Foster a Pet?

Dorchester PAWS

Dorchester PAWS is participating in the Bissell Pet Foundation’s COVID-19 “Empty the Shelters” relief program from Saturday, May 9 through Sunday, May 17.

During this time, animal adoption fees are reduced to $25, and the Bissell Pet Foundation will cover the rest of the adoption fee. For those who foster and end up falling in love with their new fur baby and decide to adopt, Bissell will extend the $25 adoption fee through the following week.

Charleston Animal Society

The Charleston Animal Society is also open for pet adoptions during this time. If you are unable to adopt but still want to help, you can visit their website for a list of ways in which the shelter could currently use your assistance, including donating Amazon Wishlist items and starting your own fundraiser campaign.

During this difficult time, we wish the best for you and your family and hope you are able to glean joy with your precious furry friends as we continue to adapt and adjust to a new normal.

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