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Can I Bring My Dog to the Fireworks?

dog-fireworksWith the fourth of July just around the corner, people have no doubt started planning weekend festivities. You might wonder, “Can I bring my dog to the fireworks?”

While we humans enjoy a nice firework show to celebrate the Red, White and Blue, our furry friends usually do not. In fact, fireworks can cause more harm to dogs than you might think.

There are many dangers in bringing a dog with you to a firework show. If you or a loved one with pets plans on celebrating with fireworks this weekend, make sure to read up on these dangers before bringing your pet along. This way, you can properly prepare for any potential hazards.

 Most Dogs Are Scared Of Fireworks

This may seem like common sense, and if you have had a dog for any amount of time you have probably discovered this already. However, a frightened dog may cope with his fear in harmful ways.

If left alone at home in a cage, dogs have been known to try and claw or bite their way out, which can harm their paws and gums. Dogs have also been known to jump through windows or run away from their owners to get away from the loud noises. Unfortunately, most escape attempts have resulted in self-harm, and some dogs have even been hit by cars or gotten lost while escaping the noise.

Fireworks Can Severely Harm And Burn Dogs

Some dogs have a tendency to bite or chase after lit fireworks, even sparklers. Severe damage and burning can occur if a dog does indeed get a hold of a lit firecracker or firework. When people toss a firecracker up in the air, the dog can mistake it for a toy and jump up to fetch it. Burns and loss of eyesight or limbs are a few of the injuries that can occur.

If your dog will be around fireworks this weekend, make sure he or she is on a leash and by your side to avoid serious injury.

Unlit Fireworks Can Be Toxic To Dogs

The harm is not just in lit fireworks. Unlit, already used fireworks and firecrackers can be just as harmful. Fireworks are composed of toxic chemicals, including potassium nitrate. Heavy metals are also added to fireworks for the coloring.

According to vetmedicine.about.com, some of the injuries that can occur from ingesting unlit firecrackers include vomiting, bloody diarrhea, seizures, kidney failure and more.

If your pet ingests large amounts of these toxins, it is important to take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible for treatment.

How Can I Keep My Dog Safe This Fourth of July Weekend?

For Those Who Will Be At Home With Their Dogs . . .

If you and your furry friend will both be at home this weekend, stay inside with your dog and make sure all windows and doors are locked. This will help prevent him or her from running away. Try exercising your pup more than usual that day so he will get tired and feel more relaxed before all the big booming outside starts. Keep the TV on or have music playing throughout the night to help distract your dog from the noises outside.

 For Those Who Will Be At Firework Shows With Their Dogs . . .

If you are planning on having your dog outside at night to see a firework show with you, make sure to have your dog on a leash and by your side at all times. It is important to use a leash, because you don’t want your precious pup to run away if he gets scared. Continue to keep an eye on your dog even after the firework show to make sure your curious friend doesn’t ingest something he shouldn’t.

So to answer your question, “Can I bring my dog to the Fireworks”, we advise against it. If you feel like you need to, then be sure to take all of the necessary safety precautions.

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