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Characteristics of a Good Pet Sitter

Cane Bay Summerville - DogAs pet sitters, you might imagine that we strive to be the best caretakers of your pet while you are away. And you’re right! Some characteristics of a pet sitter might seem obvious, but truly being invested in a pet is hard work that involves lots of care and love.

We encourage you to look at the list below. Here at Cane Bay, our job is our passion. It is something we love to do, and so we make sure to encompass all the traits listed below.

However, before hiring any pet sitter, it is important to evaluate whether the person you hire is best suited for your pet or not.

Here are some good characteristics of a pet sitter.

Is The Person Calm?

Some pets are already nervous nellies when their owners take a vacation or are out of the house. What child enjoys being separated from his or her parents? This is where a calm personality is important. Some anxious cats and dogs participate in unusual behavior they would not normally do. Using the house as a bathroom is one example.

If the pet sitter comes in to find a mess on the carpet or a pet who won’t eat, will the person stay calm and clean up the mess without becoming angry at the pet? Will they spend time with an anxious dog who refuses to eat and slowly encourage him to have his meal by trying different tactics?

As pet sitters, Cane Bay is first and foremost concerned with your pet’s well-being, and we will do whatever we have to in order to make sure your pet is healthy and safe.

Is The Person Trustworthy?

This one may seem obvious, but it is a necessary point to bring up. When you hire a pet sitter for the first time, you are inviting a stranger to come into your home, care for your beloved friend and stay respectful of your property. When it comes down to it, follow your instincts. If you have a bad feeling, listen to your gut.

At Cane Bay, a pet sitting meeting is always included before your hire us to make sure the fit is a perfect one for the pet, the owners of the pet and the pet sitter. All of our pet sitters are background checked. Our experience and positive reviews from our clients are a testimony to the diligence and seriousness of our job.

Is The Sitter Insured And Bonded?

Again, this is an important point. Essentially, a pet sitter that is insured and bonded shows that the company is professional and they take things seriously. Insurance guarantees the protection of you and the pet sitter if something unexpected were to happen with your pet, the pet sitter or your property. The term “bonded” means that if any unruly behavior by the pet sitter results in stolen items, the items will be paid for.

You might be wondering why a trustworthy pet sitter would feel the need to take these protective measures if you are sure they are not going to steal anything. In one sense, being insured and bonded makes the relationship even more trustworthy, because you can have the peace of mind that nothing will happen, and if it does, you are covered.

At Cane Bay, we are fully insured and bonded. You can find out more about this on our website.

Is The Pet Sitter Flexible?

Of course, a pet sitter’s flexible (or not so flexible) schedule is a make or break deal. If the sitter cannot care for your pet at the times you need him to, things will not work out. Again, who wouldn’t have thought of this key point? But it is also necessary to consider how much the pet sitter is willing to do during non-typical work hours.

Is the pet sitter willing to spend the night if need be? Will the pet sitter take extra time with your pet if there is an emergency and your pet needs to be taken to the vet? Not all pet sitters put their heart into dealing with these “inconveniences.”

At Cane Bay, our job is our passion, and your pet is our number one priority. We do not view these things as inconveniences at all. Rather, we go to great lengths to make sure our schedule fits yours.

We hope you feel more confident in your decision to choose the right pet sitter after reading this article. If you are in need of a pet sitter or are interested in finding out more about us, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at 843-879-0822, or send us a message through our website

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  1. Finding if the person is insured and bonded would be a good idea when it comes to finding a pet sitter. Knowing that the company is professional would help you to know that things will be taken seriously with your pet. Something else to find would be if your pet will have a private or shared kennel.

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