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Five Exotic Pets That Are Great for Apartments

Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a friendly, forever pet. Of course, some apartments have restrictions on how many pets you can house and how much they weigh, but there are still plenty of options that would allow for all sorts of pet friends to live with you.

If you like exotic pets, have no fear. Most apartments allow small animals, and we have a list below that would make great apartment pets and great companions.

Cane Bay Summerville - exotic pets ratsRats

You may initially think of rats as unwanted creatures that somehow manage to weasel their way into your basement or shed out back. What you might not know, however, is that they make great pets. They’re overall friendly and even enjoy nuzzling up against your shoulder or resting on your lap.

They do well in large cages with other same-sex rats. Don’t forget to let them out every once in a while for playtime. While they typically enjoy being active at night, most pet rats will still wake up during the day to explore and experience life outside their cage.


Cane Bay Summerville - exotic pets hedgehogsDid you know you can own a cute little hedgehog? Hedgehogs make great apartment pets, as they are small and easy to care for. They may need regular baths to stay clean due to frequent defecation, but they eat simple diets and do not require strenuous exercise.

Be sure to check your city or state’s local laws regarding hedgehog ownership. Some states require permits for certain types of exotic pets.

Cane Bay Summerville - exotic pets reptilesReptiles

If you have allergies to any type of pet hair or fur, a reptile may be the pet for you. They make great companions for first-time pet owners with their even-tempered demeanor and low-maintenance personalities.

The most common reptile pets include lizards, snakes and turtles, though turtles typically require larger tanks and outdoor time. Snakes and lizards, however, generally can fit in small spaces and are great, quiet animals that are fun to watch and hold during the day. Just be sure your snake doesn’t escape his cage!


Cane Bay Summerville - exotic pets degusHave you heard of a Degus? It’s a rodent that closely resembles a gerbil but who has more in common with a guinea pig or chinchilla. They are social animals that love to be kept in pairs or groups, and they are particularly active during the day. They enjoy playtime and spending time outside their cage. Make sure to purchase a large enough enclosure so they have room to scurry around.

FrogsCane Bay Summerville - exotic pets frogs

If you kiss your pet frog, he may not turn into Prince Charming, but he still will be your trusty companion and cute pet. Frogs are perfect apartment pets, as they only require a small space and are low maintenance. They generally prefer not to be handled and some types of frogs enjoy singing or croaking. While you may not get much play time with a pet frog, you may have the opportunity to be serenaded by his beautiful song.

Pets are fun in any shape or size, and we hope you got some new ideas for exotic friends that would love to go home with you and have a forever family.

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