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Get that leash ready – It’s National Dog Walking Day!

Today is one of your dogs favorite days of the year! It’s National Dog Walking Day! A celebration of two of the happiest things we have in life: exercise and outdoors.


National Dog Walking Day started back in the 1960’s when more women began returning back to the workforce. With this change in society, this meant more alone time for our dogs and less outdoor time and walks. That is, until Jim Buck became the first professional dog walker in NYC. This sparked a nationwide interest in families to hire professional dog walkers – a trend has continued to gain popularity over the years.


Young or old, let’s face it – dogs love exercise and being outdoors! A daily walk is a great way for not only your pup to get exercise, but for you too. One daily walk a day can help tire out those younger puppies and prevent boredom that leads to other behaviors. For senior dogs, a daily walk can be the difference between weak or strong leg muscles and help with their joints.


1. Head to your neighborhood trailsDo you take your dog on the same route every day? If so, try switching it up today! New sights and scents are part of what keep your furry friend excited and entertained during the walk. They’ll love you for it, promise.

2. Meet a furry friend at the dog park: Grab your pets favorite sidekick and head to a local dog park. Everything is better with a friend, right? Whether you decide to play a game of fetch or introduce the dogs to new friends, they’ll be sure to have a great time! Don’t forget to bring along some treats!

3. Check out a local county park: Here is Charleston, SC there are so many pet friendly county parks to choose from. Whether you want to explore the marshes, fields or stick to the trails, there is something for everyone. James Island County Park is a top contender along side Palmetto Island County Park. Don’t forget to bring along some water and doggie bags!

4. Head to the beach: You can’t live on the coast and not have a beach walk on your list! If your pup loves the beach and the water, this could be a perfect treat for the both of you. Just be sure to check out your local rules and regulations first. Depending on the time of the year, there are specific dog friendly hours and your dogs must be leashed.

No matter where you decide to celebrate today, you and your dog will be promoting a healthy lifestyle and enjoying bonding time. So grab that leash, it’s time to take a walk!

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