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How To Help Your Dog Relax at Bath Time

Cane Bay Summerville - Dog in BathBathing your dog can be a chore, especially when your furry friend hates bath time. If it’s stressful for your dog, it’s most likely stressful for you, too. What can be done to help make the process a little less painful for the two of you? Below we share a few tips to help your dog go from hating bath time to loving it. Help your dog relax at bath time with these quick tips.

Go For A Long Walk First.

If you take your dog for a long walk in the warm South Carolina sun, chances are your pooch won’t be so opposed to having an opportunity to cool off with some water after his exercise. Allowing him to get out some of his energy on the walk may also make him less resistant and more physically relaxed in the tub.

Use Lukewarm Water.

Just like Goldilocks’ porridge, you don’t want the water to be too hot or too cold, but you want it to be just right. Water that’s too cold or too warm may frighten your dog and cause him to panic. Instead, try to find a comfortable in between temperature. What feels right to you may not be what’s best for your pet, so gauge his reaction to the water to help get an idea of what’s comfortable. Water that is too warm can be dangerous, so just be sure to not let the water get any warmer than what you would use when bathing a baby.

Bring Toys In The Tub.

Bath time shouldn’t have to feel like a chore for you or your pet. Try to make it a more enjoyable experience by showing your dog that the bathtub can also be a place of play and relaxation. Once your dog is in the tub, try bringing a few toys along to play with before you turn on the water. This may help relax him and put him at ease first.

Bring Food Along.

If the toys don’t work, food is always a good incentive. Of course, you can always try food and toys together. Our dog, Duncan, hated baths as a puppy. We would bring treats and throughout his time in the tub, we would constantly give him praise and reward him with treats for staying in the tub and enduring the bath.

Keep A Positive Attitude.

Dogs can sense your body language and tone when you are unhappy and stressed. If they sense your discontent, they may be even more nervous for bath time. Try to remain calm and keep a positive attitude. Approaching bath time in an assertive yet calm way can help put your dog at ease. Don’t forget to constantly give your pup love and attention while he’s in there.

Use A Washcloth.

Using a washcloth on sensitive areas may help reduce your dog’s stress. For example, spraying running water over your dog’s snout and head might cause more stress for your pooch. Try using a washcloth to clean and rinse the snout area to alleviate undue stress.

We hope some of these quick tips are able to help your dog relax at bath time so the experience can be an enjoyable one for you and your pet.

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to share this article with your friends and family who also have dogs that need help relaxing at bath time.

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