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How Much Should My Dog Sleep Everyday?

Cane Bay Summerville - How Much Should My Dog Sleep Everyday?Maybe you just brought home a new puppy, and you’re surprised at how much she is sleeping. On the other hand, maybe you noticed your aging dog spends more hours asleep than awake. Should you be worried? It is completely normal for dogs to sleep more than humans. If the sleeping becomes too excessive, it may be worth looking into further to rule out the possibility of health complications, but in general, a lot of sleep is normal.

If you’re not sure how much sleep is too much, don’t worry. Below we’ll discuss how much dogs should sleep everyday and also identify signs to look for if the sleeping becomes excessive.

How Much Should My Dog Sleep Everyday?

On average, dogs sleep anywhere from 12 to 14 hours a day. Puppies and older dogs both tend to sleep a little longer – between 18 and 20 hours a day. In other words, dogs spend roughly 50 percent of the day sleeping, 30 percent resting, and only 20 percent actually being active and playing.

Larger breeds, such as St. Bernards and Mastiffs, also tend to sleep more than smaller breeds. Perhaps unsurprisingly, dogs with ample activities to enjoy generally have more energy and stay awake longer. Those suffering from boredom turn to sleep as a result of their unstimulated minds.

How Can I Make My Dog More Active?

If you’re looking to enliven your dog’s day so he does more than sleep or lay around, try implementing more exercise and games.

  • Walking. This seems obvious, but to keep boredom at bay, take your dog for a long stroll in the fresh air. That’s sure to lift his spirits.
  • Puzzle Toys. Use puzzle toys to keep your dog’s attention for hours. Try filling a KONG with peanut butter. Roll up treats inside a towel or egg carton. Check out Clever Pet’s website. Clever Pet is a company that makes challenging puzzle games for animals, which keep most pets occupied for hours.

What if your dog has engaging, challenging tasks in front of her, but she still sleeps all day, and you have trouble waking her up? Then it might be time to call for help.

When To Get Help

If you have noticed a change in your pet’s sleep pattern, a significant increase in sleep, or a total lack of interest in all other activities, it may be a good idea to take Sophie to the vet to make sure she is in tip top shape. Also be on the lookout for an avoidance of eating or sleeping, physical or behavioral changes, and narcolepsy.

These additional symptoms may be signs of a health complication, such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, back pain, or anxiety. Your veterinarian will be able to run tests and determine if any of these are concerns for your precious pooch. While sleeping a lot is often normal, it is better to get things checked out for peace of mind if you have any concerns.

We thank you for stopping by and hope you were able to glean useful information about how much time your dog spends resting. Happy sleeping!

We’d love to hear from you! Does your furry friend sleep a lot? What fun activities have you tried to keep him or her energized and playful throughout the day? Let us know in the comments section below!  

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