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How To Avoid Pet Sitting Problems

Cane Bay Summerville - Pet Sitting“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

If you are a pet owner, you can probably relate. This saying rings true for dogs, cats and any pet you might own.

Because pets have so much value in our lives and are considered part of the family, it is essential that our pets receive only the best care when we are away. Yet, if you click over to Yelp, you might be surprised to find some really bad pet sitting reviews.

How could watching for, caring for and loving a pet go so terribly wrong? Not everyone has had a negative experience, though. Some of the problems pet owners have faced are avoidable by taking proactive steps to avoid pet sitting problems.

So, what’s the trick? How can you avoid pet sitting problems?

Schedule A Meet And Greet

Think of pet sitting like babysitting. You probably would not trust a complete stranger to come into your home and care for your child while you head out for the night. Pet sitting is similar.

Not only do you want to have a particular comfort level with the pet sitter, but you want to make sure your pet sitter and pet get along and hit it off, too.

Scheduling a meet and greet is a perfect way to meet a potential sitter, get to know their background and personality and watch the interactions the sitter has with your pet. Is the potential sitter comfortable around your pet? Does your pet seem comfortable around the sitter?

Here at Cane Bay, we always have a meet and greet with you before your departure to make sure you and our sitter get along.

Communicate Clearly And Specifically

As the pet owner, you know your pet’s needs better than anyone. It is important to be clear about your pet’s needs with any potential sitter to avoid confusion and diffuse possible problems.

For example, does your pet need medication while you are away? Does your pooch take it orally? Does he take it before, after or with meals? Does he eat at a certain time everyday? What time do you usually take him for walks? Does he need a walk before bedtime to ensure he does not mess on the carpet?

Giving clear and specific instructions helps inform your pet sitter what is expected of them and leaves little room for miscommunication.

At Cane Bay, we encourage you to share as much information with us about your pet as possible. Even before the meet and greet, we have you fill out a pet profile so we can start getting to know your pet and his needs.

Ask For Updates

One of the best ways to avoid problems while away is by receiving daily updates from your pet sitter.

Encourage your pet sitter to communicate with you while you are away, and even schedule specific times to receive updates about how the experience is going.

If problems do occur while you are away, for example if your pet gets sick, being informed will allow you to make the best decision about how to proceed. After all, you know your pet best. If you pet is doing fantastic, being reassured of this will continue to give you peace of mind, even while you are not home.

Keeping open communication is key.

Cane Bay sends pet owners updates every day via e-mail, text or phone calls so you can know exactly what is going on and have a full understanding of how your pet is doing.

If you live near Summerville or Goose Creek, South Carolina and are in need of a pet sitter, Cane Bay would be honored to do the job.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to address them, too. You can call us at 843-879-0822, or send us a message on our website

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