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How to Keep Your Rabbit Cool This Summer

Cane Bay Summerville - Rabbit in SummerEarlier we explored the importance of keeping your dog cool in the summer with our article, Beat the Heat. However, did you know it’s just as important to cool off your pet bunny?

According to the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, rabbits are susceptible to heat stroke and can die from it.

In a previous post, How to Care for Your Bunny, Patty Strain, who has been raising show and pet rabbits since 2000, told us that indoor rabbits can’t be taken outside in the summer heat even for 10 minutes.

“A rabbit that is used to air conditioning cannot adjust quickly to heat and will perish in a short amount of time,” she said.

With the strength of the South Carolina sun and the humidity during the summer months, taking extra steps to cool off your bunny’s cage is crucial. Read tips below to make sure your rabbit will stay cool as a cucumber during South Carolina’s heat wave.

The House Rabbit Society suggests:  

Shade, Fan or Air Conditioning

This may seem self-explanatory, but keeping your bunny’s cage away from direct sunlight is an easy way to reduce the heat that enters your rabbit’s body.

If it’s an extremely hot or humid day, consider opting for the air conditioning instead of the open windows. While open windows may provide a slight breeze at times, keeping the house constantly ventilated with cool air is a good idea.

Fans are another great option. If you prefer to have the windows open, try using a fan that can blow cool air past your rabbit’s cage. Make sure to tape down any cords or electrical wires so your furry friend doesn’t start chewing them.

Ice Cubes

While the water you originally give to your bunny may be cold, in a hot state like South Carolina, it may not stay cold very long. Add ice cubs throughout the day to ensure your bunny has a refreshing drink as needed.

Marble or Ceramic Tile

Ever notice how on hot days, dogs will find hard marble or ceramic tile floors to lie on? Why? Because it’s cool!

Although your bunny doesn’t have free reign of the house like a pet dog would, try placing a marble or ceramic tile in your rabbit’s cage to give him a cool surface to lie on when it just gets too warm.

Frozen Water Bottle

Fill a 2-liter bottle with water and freeze it, then place the bottle in your rabbit’s cage so he can have something to lean against and cool off.

To make it easier, keep several frozen at a time so when one bottle melts, you can quickly replace it with another.

Mist Your Furry Friend’s Ears

Did you know rabbits get rid of excess heat through their ears?

To ensure your bunny stays nice and cool, try spraying his ears with water every now and again to help him cool off.

Brush Him Out

Brushing your pet rabbit can help him stay cooler? Absolutely! When you brush away excess fur you remove clumps of hair that trap extra heat and keep your bunny warmer.

Go on and brush out that extra hair. Besides, who doesn’t love a new hairdo for summer?

Give Him Healthful Veggies

Not only are vegetables nutritious treats, but they also contain water. Give your rabbit a healthy dose of vegetables every day to help him stay hydrated.

We hope you learned some convenient quick tips to help your rabbit cool off this summer.

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