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How to Keep Your Cat Dandruff-Free

Cane Bay Summerville - KittensDandruff in cats can be a sign of dry skin, but it can also be a sign of more serious health issues like allergies, hormone imbalances or even fungal infections. If your cat has dandruff and you notice behavior changes along with the pesky white flakes, it might be time to make an appointment with the vet to make sure everything is okay with kitty.

If your feline shows signs of having dandruff, what exactly can you do to make it go away? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it? Below we explore a few tips regarding how to help make the unwanted flakes disappear and keep your cat dandruff-free.

Keep Kitty Hydrated

Because dandruff can be caused by dry skin, it is important to keep your cat hydrated. Having clean, fresh water readily available is vital. Incorporating some type of wet food into your cat’s diet rather than dry food may also help ensure your furry friend is staying hydrated.

Supplement Your Cat’s Food

Cats, even more so than dogs, need a diet that is high in protein and certain types of fats according to WebMD. Supplementing your kitty’s food with fatty acids such as fish oil or salmon can help improve the quality and luster of your cat’s coat. Be sure to always check with a veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.

Groom Kitty Often

By brushing and grooming your cat on a regular basis, you are helping disperse the natural oils that come from a cat’s skin. This helps keep the cat’s coat moisturized, healthy and dandruff-free.

Use A Humidifier

In addition to trying wet food or making sure your cat is drinking a sufficient amount of water, you can try using a humidifier. It helps add moisture to the air, which can be absorbed by your cat’s skin and help your feline maintain soft, dandruff-free fur.

Bathe Your Cat Infrequently

Bathing your cat too often can actually do more harm than good, because it can dry out kitty’s skin even more. Try only bathing your cat when her coat is dirty with things she can’t clean herself, like grease or grimy, sticky messes.

Bathing as needed with moisturizing products or anti-dandruff shampoos that are tailored to your cat’s needs can be beneficial. Baths can even help get off the unwanted flakes from your cat’s skin. Just make sure not to bathe too often to avoid worsening any dandruff.

Keep A Healthy Weight

Cats groom themselves often, but when a cat is overweight or obese, she is not always as flexible or agile to reach certain places on her body to groom. A lack of self-grooming in certain areas can lead to dandruff.

In order to combat this problem, it may be useful to get kitty’s weight under control by adjusting her diet. Keeping a healthy weight is important for other health reasons as well. Talk to your vet about appropriate steps you can take to find an ideal weight for your furry friend.

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