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4 Common Myths About Pet Sitting

Cane Pay Pet Sitting SummervilleGoing on the web we often see pet sitting as a business that is consistently ranked as one of those businesses to start for some extra cash.

Unfortunately, the people that write those articles often do not know what pet sitting entails, so there are a few common myths about being a pet sitter floating out there on the web. Here are the common myths and why they are not true.

Myth #1: Pet Sitters just sit all day.

This is one of the most common myths we hear. People say how easy the job is and say it must be nice to sit around all day and get paid.

Yes, it is true that sometimes we do sit around, but most of the time we are working our tail off (All Pun Intended). We are walking the dog, petting the cat, feeding the rabbit, cleaning out its cage, playing catch with the dog and more.

Though we sit sometimes a pet sitters day is usually full of activity.

Myth #2: The Neighbor Kid Can Do it For Less

Often times we hear this as an objection when we tell people our service prices. They try to get us to lower our rates when they say my neighbor can do it for a lot less.

We generally tell them, that the neighbor kid could do it for a lot less, but can they do the same thing? Does the neighbor kid or your friend know how to respond to emergency situations? What to do if your animal is vomiting or swallowed something it should not have?

I heard a story about two months ago, where the storytellers friend, let’s call him Adam, went out of town and had one of his buddies, let’s call him Tyler, watch his dog.

They live in Arkansas, so one day Tyler was watching Adam’s dog because Adam went on vacation, Tyler decided to go hiking with Adam’s dog.

It was a hot southern day and he did not adequately care for the dog, and Adam’s dog ended up passing away.

Do you really want to take your chances with someone who is not trained?

Pet sitters are especially knowledgeable when it comes to animals and all pets.

Myth #3: Pet Sitting is Only For When I Go On Vacation

Pet sitting can be for any time that you do not or cannot care for your pet. All of us go through busy seasons in our lives and taking care of a dog or pet can be extra stressful.

We have worked with many clients who work more than full-time jobs and do not have time to take care of their pet Monday through Friday.

So we come over and play with your pet, walk your pet, feed your pet or more. Many of our customers work long hours and find it hard to take care of a pet, especially when it is a new pet like a puppy.

Pet sitting services can come in handy any day of the week.

Myth #4: Pet Sitting is More Expensive Than Boarding

Pet Sitting and boarding are about the same prices. A boarding for half a day at a boarding place in Charleston cost $18. You can get twenty times better for only a fraction of the cost.

In a boarding place, your pet is likely to get little interaction, very little playtime and socialization.

With a pet sitter you will get individualized attention for your pet. They will be fed, played with, walked, petted, and more.

Since the industry is so new, it has not been given the respect that it deserves. Hopefully this dispels the myths you have about pet sitting.

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