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How to Care for Your Bunny


If you are thinking about adopting a pet rabbit, consider the following facts about how to properly care for your bunny. Bunnies can be cute, furry friends that are fun to take care of and have as a pet. However, taking care of a bunny properly requires specific knowledge so the rabbit stays healthy and safe. They are not low-maintenance ...

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Beat the Heat: Taking Care of Your Dog in the Summer

cane bay summerville dog on beach

The summer is a great time to play more with your pet. The kids are out of school and often times, life is more relaxed. However, summer months bring extra heat, and it is crucial to look out for your dog’s health by preventing dehydration and overheating. Taking care of your dog in the summer is not difficult, but must ...

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Can I Bring My Dog to the Fireworks?


With the fourth of July just around the corner, people have no doubt started planning weekend festivities. You might wonder, “Can I bring my dog to the fireworks?” While we humans enjoy a nice firework show to celebrate the Red, White and Blue, our furry friends usually do not. In fact, fireworks can cause more harm to dogs than you ...

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5 Myths about Taking Care of a Dog


Taking care of a dog can be loads of fun, but it also requires a good deal of knowledge about the subject, and of course, responsibility. While the Internet can be a great source of information, it can also share myths about caring for your precious pup that just aren’t true. Or, perhaps you have heard an Old Wives’ Tale ...

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Is It Possible to Fly Without a Crate for My Pet?

Fly with pet

Taking a flight can be hard work. Long lines at the security gates, they really should make me a celebrity so I do not have to wait through security, the babies crying, or the cramped and crowded seats so the airline can make a profit. As if flying was not hard enough, it is especially difficult when you have to ...

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4 Common Myths About Pet Sitting

Cane Pay Pet Sitting Summerville

Going on the web we often see pet sitting as a business that is consistently ranked as one of those businesses to start for some extra cash. Unfortunately, the people that write those articles often do not know what pet sitting entails, so there are a few common myths about being a pet sitter floating out there on the web. ...

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4 Simple Rules To Welcome Your Pet Home

welcome your pet home

Getting a new pet can be an exciting experience, whether this is your first pet or you are an avid pet owner. All the excitement can cause us to forget that we should get the home ready to welcome our new pet. No matter the pet, whether an exotic animal like a snake or a less exotic pet like a ...

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How to Find the Best Reward for Training Your Cat

Cat Rewards http://www.flickr.com/photos/63869057@N00/2215162154">Happiness via photopin (license)

As a pet sitter, we hear a common misconception that cats are unable to be trained. There is no doubt that cats are a lot different than dogs, and I am sure cat owners are glad for that because if they wanted an animal that acted like a dog, they would get a dog. Though a cat acts and responds ...

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10 Reasons Why Owning A Dog Is Awesome


They give you unconditional love. They are your best friend all the time 24/7. They help provide needed exercise when you go on walks or hike with them. Dogs are known to lower your blood pressure. They help with all kinds of diseases, from depression to autism. They help elderly live longer. They are always happy to see you. They love to be groomed and brushed. Having dogs improves a child’s self esteem and ...

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