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How To Help Your Pet With Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety in pets, especially dogs, is not particularly uncommon, and some breeds are even predisposed to it. If your pet suffers from this type of anxiety, perhaps you have wondered how you can best help your pet with separation anxiety. There are several different treatments and training processes that can aid in calming your dog’s anxiety when you leave. ...

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20 Myths About Caring For A Cat

Over the years, old wives’ tales have told us some pretty interesting things about cats. However, there are a lot of common beliefs regarding caring for a cat that just aren’t true. If you own a cat or are considering getting one, take a look at the list below to make sure you don’t assume something that is not true. ...

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The 4 Biggest Problems With Pet Sitters

Cane Bay Summerville Dog Walking

If you have decided to hire a pet sitter while you are away on vacation or are at work all day, you want to know that your pet is in good hands. Having peace of mind that you hired a reliable and trustworthy sitter is priceless.  Unfortunately, however, not everyone has had a positive experience with pet sitters. According to ...

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Do I Need A Pet Sitter?

Cane Bay Summerville - Dog Walking

Do I need a pet sitter? That might be something you ask yourself before going away on a long trip or before your super busy season at work starts. Pets don’t receive necessary care when they are left alone all day, so if you are a bachelor that spends the majority of the day at work, someone will have to ...

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5 Best Ways to Travel With Your Dog in the Car

Cane Bay Summerville Dog In Car

Traveling with your dog in the car can be a stressful experience for both you and your pet. Therefore, it is extremely important that your dog is safe and secure to avoid stress and injuries. Several U.S. states have laws regarding how pets travel in cars, because if your pet causes you to crash, it could be seen as a ...

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How to Train Your Cat to Use The Litter Box

Cane Bay Summerville Cat in Litter Box

Training your cat to use the litter box is extremely important. Not only do you not want to find accidents all over your living area, but kitty does not want to be around an upset owner constantly. Therefore, the best time to train your cat to use the litter box is right when she comes home. The good news is ...

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5 Ways to Play With Your Cat

playing with your cat

Did you know a cat that is preoccupied with something and amused is less likely to exercise bad behaviors like scratching the furniture? There are plenty of ways to keep your cat entertained. Although your cat might not be speaking your language, she is still talking to you and asking you to play with her. Do have trouble coming up ...

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The Proper Walking Collar For Your Dog

Cane Bay Summerville Dog Sitting with Harness

Congratulations! You just brought home little Scruffy and he is a great addition to the family. Your kids love playing with him and your spouse, who maybe didn’t want a dog in the first place, is starting to warm up to this furry friend. Before Scruffy came home, you realized he would need a good collar that fits well and ...

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3 Easy Steps to Train Your Cat to Sit

Did you know that cats are trainable? As a dog owner, I certainly did not. My friends who own cats never seem to tell Princess to “play dead,” “sit” or “roll over” quite as often as I do with my two pooches. If you own a cat and are interested in training him or her, I have good news. It ...

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4 Ways Your Cat Talks With You

Cane Bay Summerville Cats Cuddling

Do you ever wonder what your cat (or your friend’s cat) is trying to tell you? Your cat talks with you; it is just a matter of figuring out what he or she is saying.  Recently, I was watching my friend’s five cats while she was away. I noticed that when I pet them, they arched their backs up really high, ...

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