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Know the Signs of Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Cane Bay Summerville - hyperthyroidism in cats

Hyperthyroidism in cats is unfortunately a rather common problem, particularly for our older feline friends. If your cat is aging, it’s best to know the signs of hyperthyroidism so you can catch it early before it leads to further complications. What Is Hyperthyroidism? The term hyperthyroidism is used to describe an overactive thyroid that produces above-average levels of the thyroid ...

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How to Stay Safe and Healthy Around Your Pet Bird

Cane Bay Summerville - Staying Safe and Healthy Around Your Pet Bird

Have you heard of zoonotic diseases? In essence, they are diseases that can pass from an animal to a human and vice versa. While most animals can spread unpleasant illnesses to their owners, those who own pet birds are especially encouraged to practice good hygiene in order to avoid contracting a disease. While not incredibly common, it is possible for ...

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Acupuncture for Pets: Is It a Viable Option?

Cane Bay Summerville Acupuncture for Pets - Is It a Viable Option?

Some people swear by the positive effects of acupuncture, and if your pet has chronic pain, joint problems, inflammation or other common ailments, maybe you have wondered if acupuncture can work for your pet, too. Well, some veterinarians say it can. Acupuncture is not necessarily the right option for everyone, so it’s always important to discuss your pet’s personal medical conditions with ...

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Is South Carolina’s Sago Palm Plant Poisonous to Pets?

Cane Bay Summerville - Sago Palm Plant Poisonous to Pets

Sago Palm plants are commonly used to liven up the landscape or decorate the indoors. Originally from Japan, their popularity has spread across the U.S., particularly in South Carolina and warm, southern climates. Despite their widespread acceptance into homes across the nation, the beautiful palms can wreak serious havoc. Every single part of the Sago Palm is highly toxic if ...

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Traveling With a Sick Pet

Cane Bay Summerville - Traveling with a sick pet

For many Americans, the holiday season means travel, visiting family and friends and occasionally bringing our furry family members along for the ride. Traveling with a pet already creates additional responsibilities, but what if your pet is ill? Is traveling with a sick pet safe? Are there limitations you should consider? Unfortunately, some of our canine and feline companions have ...

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Protecting Your Pup From the Dog Flu

Cane Bay Summerville - Dog Flu

‘Tis the season for colds, stomach bugs and the dreaded influenza. Annually, many Americans make it a priority to go out and get their flu shot. If you fall into this category, have you ever considered getting a flu shot for your dog? Can your canine companion even get the flu? You may be surprised to learn that he can, ...

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Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

Cane Bay Summerville - Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

Are essential oils safe for pets? We may be instinctively tempted to think they are, as these natural products are used to help relieve conditions such as anxiety and other common ailments. And if they’re safe for humans, they’re safe for our pets, right? Not always. The American Kennel Club urges us to remember that “natural” doesn’t always mean “safe” ...

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Is My Puppy Aggressive or Playing?

Cane Bay Summerville - puppy aggressive

Puppies play, and puppies play hard. Occasionally, depending on the size of the puppy, they may even draw blood. Quite surprisingly, this behavior may be perfectly playful and not aggressive in the least, even though it hurts tremendously. It’s not uncommon for first-time puppy owners to wonder, “Is my puppy aggressive?” Snapping, barking, growling, nipping, jumping and bouncing are all signs ...

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How To Minimize Destructive Cat Scratching

Cane Bay Summerville - Destructive Cat Scratching

By nature, cats scratch. In fact, their claws are made to scratch for a number of reasons. If you own a cat, you may be well aware by now that one of the downsides of this can be destructive scratching. Your furniture, carpet or drapes may have fallen victim to kitty’s natural instincts. If this is the case, don’t despair. ...

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Five Exotic Pets That Are Great for Apartments

Cane Bay Summerville - exotic pets frogs

Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a friendly, forever pet. Of course, some apartments have restrictions on how many pets you can house and how much they weigh, but there are still plenty of options that would allow for all sorts of pet friends to live with you. If you like exotic pets, have no fear. ...

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