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What Do Dogs Dream About?

Cane Bay Summerville - What Do Dogs Dream About?

Have you ever noticed your pooch whimpering, crying, chasing something, barking or wagging his tail in his sleep? If so, you’re not alone in wondering, “What do dogs dream about?” You may be surprised to know that dogs dream about a lot of the same things their owners do. When it comes to sleep cycles, sleep patterns and dreams, humans ...

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Benefits of Adopting a Pet During Quarantine

Cane Bay Summerville - Benefits of Adopting a Pet During Quarantine

*Those interested in adopting or fostering a pet may scroll to the bottom of this article and find links to South Carolina shelters that are open for adoption and participating in the Bissell Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” promotion for a reduced $25 adoption fee. Self-isolation is a lonely business. As we navigate a new normal and adjust to a ...

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Healthy People Food Cats Can Eat

Cane Bay Summerville - Healthy People Food Cats Can Eat

It’s nearly impossible to avoid giving your sweet, furry, wide-eyed kitty some human food while you’re cooking and he’s sitting next to you staring up with those big, beady, brown eyes, begging for just a sliver of the goodness you’re preparing. How can you resist? The good news is that certain foods are actually good for kitty – and tasty, ...

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How To Keep Your Dog Active During a COVID-19 Quarantine

Cane Bay Summerville - How To Keep Your Dog Active During a COVID-19 Quarantine

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc globally and nationally, the everyday lives of Americans are being adjusted at a rapid, ever-changing pace. According to The New York Times, as of March 24, roughly 17 states, 14 counties and eight cities have been instructed to stay at home. While this can cause widespread distress and anxiety, your pet may be feeling a similar ...

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Can My Pet Get the Coronavirus?

Cane Bay Summerville - Can My Pet Get the Coronavirus?

The World Health Organization officially classified the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, a pandemic, and President Donald Trump has recently declared a national emergency. While our nation, individual states and families take extra precautions to protect citizens and loved ones, you might be wondering, “Can my pet get the coronavirus?” This is an important question in times when we seek to ...

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How To Train a Stubborn Dog

Cane Bay Summerville - how to train a stubborn dog

Many dog trainers agree that there are few truly stubborn pets. Oftentimes, a “stubborn” pet that does not listen or catch on quickly simply needs a restructured training plan that is better suited for his or her personality. If you’re attempting to train a stubborn dog at home, try these tips to help ease the burden and lessen the frustration ...

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5 Senior-Friendly Pets

Cane Bay Summerville - senior-friendly pets

Scientific research has helped support the idea that pets are good for overall physical and emotional well-being by encouraging frequent exercise and helping reduce depression and anxiety. For home-bound seniors who feel lonely or isolated, having a companion at all times may be just the medicine they need. Some pets require more exercise and are costly, while others are low-maintenance ...

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Know the Signs of Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Cane Bay Summerville - hyperthyroidism in cats

Hyperthyroidism in cats is unfortunately a rather common problem, particularly for our older feline friends. If your cat is aging, it’s best to know the signs of hyperthyroidism so you can catch it early before it leads to further complications. What Is Hyperthyroidism? The term hyperthyroidism is used to describe an overactive thyroid that produces above-average levels of the thyroid ...

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How to Stay Safe and Healthy Around Your Pet Bird

Cane Bay Summerville - Staying Safe and Healthy Around Your Pet Bird

Have you heard of zoonotic diseases? In essence, they are diseases that can pass from an animal to a human and vice versa. While most animals can spread unpleasant illnesses to their owners, those who own pet birds are especially encouraged to practice good hygiene in order to avoid contracting a disease. While not incredibly common, it is possible for ...

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Acupuncture for Pets: Is It a Viable Option?

Cane Bay Summerville Acupuncture for Pets - Is It a Viable Option?

Some people swear by the positive effects of acupuncture, and if your pet has chronic pain, joint problems, inflammation or other common ailments, maybe you have wondered if acupuncture can work for your pet, too. Well, some veterinarians say it can. Acupuncture is not necessarily the right option for everyone, so it’s always important to discuss your pet’s personal medical conditions with ...

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