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Christmas Cookies for Dogs

Christmas Cookies for Dogs - Cane Bay Summerville

Baking has always been a must for my family around the holidays. Once we got a dog, making homemade Christmas cookies for Duke became part of the annual tradition. If you’re also a baking enthusiast, we found a few 5-star recipes that you can whip up in no time and serve just in time for Christmas. Bon appétit! Gingerbread Dog ...

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Registering an Emotional Support Animal? Here’s How!

Cane Bay Summerville - Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals are huge assets to their owners. While not the same as therapy or service dogs, they support their owners every day in tangible ways for those suffering from mental health conditions. Before getting into details, it’s important to note that there is no official registration database, and it is not required to register your emotional support animal, or ...

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Safety Tips for Your Pet this Thanksgiving

Cane Bay Summerville - Safety Tips for Your Pet this Thanksgiving

For many people, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. Families and friends are reunited, children are filled with excitement, and pets are overjoyed to join the festivities and be a part of all that’s going on. Despite a pet’s willingness to partake in all the activities that humans do, there should be some safety precautions in place to protect ...

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How Closely Related Are Dogs and Their Wolf Ancestors?

Cane Bay Summerville - How Closely are Dogs Related to Their Wolf Ancestors

  It may be hard not to notice the similarities between your pooch and the wolf you see at the zoo. You observe that both enjoy chewing on sticks, both enjoy lounging in the shade and both can’t get enough of curling up tightly in their favorite spot when it’s time for a nap. Depending on what type of dog ...

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Best Halloween Costumes for Pets of All Sizes

Cane Bay Summerville - halloween costumes for pets

Spooky tricks, sweet treats and festive costumes make Halloween a spook-tacular night for kids, adults, and even pets of all ages. If your family participates in the fall festivities of Halloween, you may like to include your pet in the annual fun. Below we’ll provide some starting points and ideas for some of the best Halloween costumes for pets of ...

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5 Myths vs. Facts: All About Black Cats

Cane Bay Summerville - Black Cats

With Halloween just a month away, black kitty cat costumes, spooky decorations, and pictures of black cats in witch’s hats are starting to make their annual appearance. Most everyone is familiar with the black cats’ notoriety and association with witchcraft and bad luck. But how did these legends get started, and is there any truth to them? Below we’ll take ...

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Why Your Dog Follows You Around: The Basics

Cane Bay Summerville - Dog Follows Your Around

Apart from being your absolute best friend, you might wonder why exactly your dog follows you around everywhere. Can I get five minutes alone in the bathroom, please? While it’s incredibly cute and undeniably endearing, if it’s a new behavior, you may be wondering if something else is going on. Most pups follow their owners out of basic instinct. Some ...

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Helping Your Female Dog in Heat

Cane Bay Summerville - Helping Your Female Dog in Heat

If you’re a first-time dog owner of a precious female pooch, you may have heard of heat but have yet to experience it. Most female canines go into heat twice a year and can attract quite the male crowd during this time. While most dogs become uncomfortable in this part of their cycle, there are things you can do to ...

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Taking Your Dog to Work? Follow These Tips!

Cane Bay Summerville - Taking Your Dog to Work

Some companies have “take your dog to work” days, and others simply let you bring your pooch along every day of the week. A family friend that works for a veterinary diagnostic company brings their pup, Duke, to the office Monday through Friday. As a pet-friendly company, the carpet is made up of individual squares that can run through the ...

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Caring for Your Pregnant Dog

Cane Bay Summerville - Caring For Your Pregnant Dog

If your sweet pup has not been spayed, there is always a chance of pregnancy. Even a quick playdate with Fido in the neighbor’s yard can lead to the arrival of several little bundles of joy in the months ahead. If an unexpected rendezvous has you wondering whether or not Daisy is pregnant, there are several signs to look for ...

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