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Pet Sitting or Dog Boarding: Which Is Better?

PetSittingBoardingIf you are going out of town or away for the weekend, you might find yourself needing someone to watch your precious pooch, Daisy. With all the different options out there, it can become confusing. Should you hire a pet sitter? Should you put Daisy in the kennel? Where will she receive the best care?

“To me the obvious choice is live-in pet sitting. It is as close to a normal environment for the pets as possible and is also great insurance against crime,” said Dr. Ken Tudor, a veterinarian, as quoted on www.petmd.com. “It is my personal choice for my pets.”

We will take a look at why pet sitting might be the better option for you.

Stress From A New Environment

Unfortunately, being moved to a new environment while a pet’s owners are out of town can cause major stress for a pet. Increased stress on an animal can induce vomiting, diarrhea, and it can lead to a loss of appetite.

Pet sitting allows Daisy to stay home, in an environment where she is comfortable, and still be cared for and loved.

Altercations With Other Pets

Some dogs and pets thrive around other animals. Other pets, however, have more trouble getting along with new animals. When boarding a pet, there is a risk that Daisy might get hurt from an altercation with another pet.

Kennel cough is also another fairly common sickness dogs can pick up while staying in a kennel.

With pet sitting, your pet stays in her normal environment with no higher risk of contracting an illness.

Veterinary Care

Some veterinary hospitals also board animals. This may sound like a good idea to have your pat stay at the vet in case of an emergency. However, according to Dr. Tudor, not all veterinary hospitals are the best options for boarding care.

“Having worked in over 20 different veterinary hospitals in my career, I can honestly say that the boarding care I have witnessed at veterinary hospitals is typically inferior to non-veterinary facilities,” said Dr. Tudor, as quoted in www.petmd.com.

Most pet sitters are trained for emergency situations and can administer medication to your pet, if needed. If a more extreme situation were to arise, a pet sitter would be able to take your pet to the vet to ensure her safety.

House Sitting

One of the benefits of pet sitting over pet boarding is the care your house receives, too. Most pet sitters are more than willing to pick up the newspaper, get the mail, check the messages and water the plants while you are away.

These little extra care options can give your home the “lived-in look” while you are away, and therefore can inform potential home invaders that someone is home.

One-On-One Attention

While pets do receive attention at boarding facilities, they may not receive that one-on-one attention a pet sitter can offer.

Here at Cane Bay, we not only care for the well-being of your pet and perform tasks like dog walking and feeding, but we also love to shower your pet with attention and play time. We will also send you daily updates about how your pooch is doing.

While boarding is still feasible, pet sitting may just create less stress for your pet, and you can rest with peace of mind knowing Daisy is receiving one-on-one attention in an environment she knows and is comfortable with.

If you are going away and in need of a pet sitter, Cane Bay Pet Sitting might be the right option for you.

If you live near Summerville, South Carolina, feel free to contact us today to ensure your pet gets great care while you are away.

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