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World Rabies Day

Rabies remains a major concern worldwide, killing tens of thousands of people every year. In the United States, it’s not unusual for one to two people to die annually. Among animals, there were nearly 4,500 reported cases of rabies in the U.S. in 2020. What can YOU do? Vaccinate your animals and keep them away from wildlife that can spread ...

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Find the right Lowcountry Pet Trainer for your family

Every pet has its own personality traits and that’s what makes them special, but sometimes we need to work on these behaviors or invest in pet training to help them overcome challenges. Whether you want to teach your pet basic obedience or advanced training, a great dog trainer can make all the difference. Especially for new dog owners. But how do ...

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Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Fertilizer

Cane Bay Summerville - Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Fertilizer

A freshly manicured lawn during the summer can be a source of pride for homeowners. Typically, however, keeping a well-maintained lawn requires using fertilizer. For pet parents, this can raise some red flags. Can you have a pristine yard and keep Fido and Peaches safe at the same time? Below we’ll discuss tips on keeping your pet safe around fertilizer. Which ...

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Symptoms and Treatment Options for Dogs with Seizures

It was late one summer evening and just about time for bed. As the children headed upstairs for the night, they heard their mom downstairs start to panic. Their miniature schnauzer, Duncan, who was always happy, energetic and full of life, was now writhing on the floor, convulsing and foaming at the mouth. When he finally stood up, he ran ...

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How to Safely Clip Your Dog’s Nails

Cane Bay Summerville - Clip your dog's nails

Trimming your pup’s nails truly can be a stress-free experience. Introducing clippers to Scruffy as a puppy will help him grow accustomed to the process and ease his nerves, if he has any, about nail clipping. As some dogs (and humans) get nervous for this process, below we’ll discuss how to safely clip your dog’s nails. How Often Should You ...

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The Pungent Pooch: Removing Skunk Smell from Your Dog

Cane Bay Pet Sitting - Skunk Smell

If you’re reading this article, it’s possible the worst has happened – your pet has fallen victim to a skunk’s most lethal weapon – its smelly spray. The problem is, where do you go from here? You certainly don’t want your poor dog walking around smelling like a skunk! First, it’s important to remember that if this has happened to ...

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