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The Best Pets for Children

Cane Bay Summerville - Best Pets for Children

While many children beg and plead for pets growing up, busy parents often worry about the time commitment, responsibility and overall care involved with owning a pet. Not to mention a pet’s temperament and behavior toward their children.  While these are valid concerns, finding the right pet for your family can oftentimes be a rewarding experience that helps children learn ...

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5 Common Skin Problems in Guinea Pigs

Cane Bay Summerville - Guinea Pig

Just as dogs and cats are susceptible to skin problems, so too are our pet guinea pigs. In fact, the tiny creatures can house parasites, fungal infections and other unpleasant ailments that are no fun for you or your pet. If you’ve found any unusual scratch marks, abscesses or other abnormalities on your pet’s skin, figuring out the cause is ...

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