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Taking Your Dog to Work? Follow These Tips!

Cane Bay Summerville - Taking Your Dog to Work

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Some companies have “take your dog to work” days, and others simply let you bring your pooch along every day of the week. A family friend that works for a veterinary diagnostic company brings their pup, Duke, to the office Monday through Friday.

As a pet-friendly company, the carpet is made up of individual squares that can run through the washing machine or dishwasher in case of canine or feline bathroom accidents. Toys and beds abound in every corner of the space, ensuring each pooch stays entertained long enough to enjoy himself and stay out of trouble.

However, not all companies have a pet-focused mentality. And if you’re taking your dog to work for the first time, don’t forget the tips and tricks below to help make it a successful experience for you, your pooch and your furry friend’s new place of employment.  

Make Sure Scruffy Plays Well With Others

Whether employees bring their pups to work once a year or every day of the week,  it’s important to make sure your dog gets along well with others and doesn’t have an aggressive side. This is especially true before introducing Scruffy to a new environment – and potentially new pets – all at once. 

Temperamentally anxious dogs may feel more distressed is a new environment with new smells, sights and sounds, so avoiding any circumstances that could lead to aggression, or fear-based aggression, is key. 

Stay Up-to-Date on Vaccinations

If Scruffy is just a puppy, make sure he has received all the recommended vaccinations before being introduced to any new friends. Young, unvaccinated puppies can easily catch viruses or infections from other dogs, so play it safe, and keep Scruffy home until his immune system is ready to combat any potential invaders. 

It’s also a good idea to stay up-to-date on annual vaccinations before heading into the work environment. 

Ensure Scruffy Knows Basic Commands

Knowing basic commands is always helpful, but in a room full of animals, it can be especially important that Scruffy knows the essentials like, “Sit,” “Come,” “Leave it,” or “Drop it.” 

These can all come in handy if he gets into a room he shouldn’t have entered, picks up a tasty treat (that really isn’t a treat), decides to go garbage surfing or gets too rambunctious. 

Pay Attention to Your Pup’s Potty Cues

While some office spaces were made with pets in mind, the majority weren’t. Even if your office does have washable carpet pads, it’s still of course best if Scruffy is potty trained and goes outside. 

Pay attention to his potty cues, and make sure to listen when he expresses the need to relieve himself. While accidents do happen even with the best-trained pups, it will make your life a whole lot easier if he goes outside the first time around. 

Keep Plenty of Toys On Hand

If toys are not provided, be sure to bring puzzle toys, such as a Kong filled with treats or peanut butter, balls, or Scruffy’s favorite bones to keep him entertained throughout the day. Playing with the other pups is nice, but even our dogs need a break and some downtime every once in awhile. 

Keeping him occupied will help keep the boredom at bay and ensure he stays out of trouble (a bonus for everyone involved – including the future of your job at that company). 

Don’t Forget to Bring Lunch and Treats

Not all dogs eat lunch, but if yours does, don’t forget the food and water. Always have treats on hand as well to make the experience a good one and to help create a positive association with the office.

Treats can also be useful of course when used as that extra motivator for Scruffy to listen to your commands when he’s just adamant about doing his own thing. 

Provide Enclosed Spaces for Scruffy to Take a Break

As mentioned above, everyone needs a break sometimes – even our furry friends. If you’re in a meeting and need to keep your pooch contained, or if he just becomes too excitable or anxious and needs a safe space, make sure your office has the ability to give him some alone time. 

If you have a private office, this can be accomplished by simply bringing a baby gate and setting it up by your office door, so Scruffy can still see you and all the goings on, but he’s resting in his safe space with his toys. 

Taking your dog to work can be fun, but it can also be anxiety-inducing for first-time pet parents. Remain calm and follow the tips above to help create a successful first experience. 

Thanks for stopping by! We’re glad you’re here and hope you learned some tips and tricks for taking your dog to work. Sadly, not everyone is able to bring their favorite pal to work every day. If you fall into the latter category and live in the Summerville, South Carolina area, we’d love to watch and love on your pet while you’re away. Contact us at 843-879-0822 for all your pet sitting needs. 

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