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Tips for Camping with Your Canine

Cane Bay Summerville - Camping With Your Canine Companion

Photo by Jessica Jochheim from Pexels

Going camping is a rite of passage for some families. It’s the official kick off of summer, and camping with your canine makes the trip a little more hectic maybe, but it also makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. 

If you’re heading out the door with your hiking books, tent, bathing suit and campfire supplies this summer, don’t forget to be prepared with all of Duke’s necessities, too. In this case, it’s never a bad thing to be over prepared. 

So before you hit the road, take these tips into consideration to make sure you have a safe, fun and enjoyable time. 

Ensure the Campground is Pup-Friendly

No one wants to start out their vacation on the wrong foot by showing up, only to find out Duke is unable to join the family vacay.  

If you’re unsure of your specific campground’s rules, most camping websites explicitly state whether they are pet-friendly, or at the very least have a contact form or phone number available so you can ask questions. 

If you’re having trouble locating a pet-friendly campsite, try resources such as Bring Fido or  GoPetFriendly. These websites list campgrounds, hotels and other accommodations that welcome pets. 

Bring ALL Your Pup’s Forms of Identification

New environments are home to new smells, exciting sounds and unfamiliar people. Overexcited pups may venture wherever their curious noses take them. If you don’t fully trust Duke to stay by your side and listen to commands when he’s distracted by birds or deer, we recommend keeping him on a leash. 

If he does make a break for it, it’s oh so important to make sure he has ID and can easily be returned to family. Make sure his microchip information and all your contact numbers are fully updated. Some owners also have GPS locators for their furry friends. In the event of no internet access, we recommend always keeping your dog’s collar on with his tags, name and phone numbers so you can be contacted.  

Always Have Clean Drinking Water and Food

It’s tempting to think a nice stream or creek can provide drinking water for Duke on your long hike, but unfortunately bodies of water can be home to toxic blue-green algae and other bacteria or waterborne pathogens that can harm your canine companion. 

Bring loads of clean drinking water for Duke and ensure you have collapsible water bowls as well on your adventures. Don’t forget the food, too! 

First-Aid Kits Are a Must

You may have your own first-aid kit ready to go for your excursion, but don’t forget about Duke’s. It’s a good idea to keep extra doses of your pet’s medications, clean water, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, tweezers, water and food bowls, treats and a stash of important medical paperwork in a waterproof bag. You can check out this article for a full list of first-aid kit essentials. 

Stay Up-to-date with Flea and Tick Preventatives 

Woods and campgrounds are oftentimes safe havens and hangout spots for fleas, ticks and all sorts of critters. If Duke is behind on any of his flea, tick or heartworm medications, it would be a good idea to get caught up before heading into the great outdoors. 

In fact, pre-vacation planning is a great time to take your pooch to the vet to make sure Duke is up-to-date on all of his vaccines and is in good overall health. 

Water Gear and Life Jackets? You Bet! 

If you plan on spending any amount of time in the water, it’s a must to have a life jacket on board. Even if Duke is a good swimmer, a moment of panic can lead to catastrophic consequences. Many doggy life vests even come with a handle on top, so you can pull Duke out of the water if necessary. 

Don’t forget towels and extra blankets for drying off afterwards as well. For a full list of boating safety essentials, read our safety tips for taking your dog out on the water. 

Sleeping Supplies? A Luxury You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

The days may be beautiful, but the nights can be cold. Several companies sell doggy sleeping bags to help your pooch get a warm, comfortable night’s sleep even in the outdoor elements. Extra blankets always come in handy too, not just to dry Duke off, but also to keep him toasty. 

By following the tips and tricks above, we hope camping with your canine is a breeze. 

Thanks for stopping by! We’re glad you’re here. If you’re going camping this summer but have to leave Duke behind for any reason, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be honored to care for your pooch and love on your fur baby until your return. You can reach us at 843-879-0822 with any questions and for more information. 

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