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Why Cats Are Great Pets

We love all animals here at Cane Bay Pet Sitting but it’s no secret, cats and dogs are our most popular customers. During our pet sitting adventures, we’re often asked – do more families own cats or dogs? Which one is better? Our answer – both dogs and cats are great! But, a lot depends on what your family is looking for.

Are Cats Great Pets?

Your answer will probably depend on who you’re talking to! Cats are typically underrated, especially by dog owners, but why? They are low maintenance and just as loyal and fun as any dog can be. They are great companions especially for people that require low maintenance for their busy schedules.

1. Cats are quiet

One fact a pet owner can’t argue is that a cats meow is always quieter than a dogs bark. While dogs are often known for barking to welcome (or deter) a guest, delivery driver, etc. you’re most likely going to find your cat greeting quietly from a window. Instead, cats save their voice for signs of hunger, attention and in the rare occasion, distress.

2. Cats are clean

Our feline friends are known for their self cleaning. They typically start grooming themselves around 4 weeks old and will even happily groom their mothers and siblings. Did you know – it’s estimated that cats spend approximately 2.5 hours of their day, every day, licking their fur? But this is more than just a cleaning habit. It helps them regulate their body temperatures as well as stimulates circulation.

3. They are low maintenance

Cats are very low maintenance and can make a great companion for a busy owner. They are also great for apartment living! They don’t require a set schedule, don’t have to be let outside for bathroom breaks and exercise and typically don’t require training. Granted, they do require maintenance of cleaning a liter box but the tradeoff is well worth it especially when there’s rain or bad weather in the forecast. A happy cat can keep themselves entertained throughout the day with a few toys and a comfy spot to sleep in. What more could you ask for?

4. Cats are easy to potty train

Even as kittens, potty training is very easy for our feline friends. Cats are born with a natural instinct to bury their waste so if you introduce your kitten to their litter box right from the start, you’re almost guaranteed to be successful. The best part is, typically by the time you adopt your new friend, they are already (or almost) potty trained! You just need to lead the way to their new spot in their forever home.

5. They are great at keeping pests at bay

Cats are natural predators. Thankfully, their presence is usually enough to deter pests to begin with but if not, don’t worry – chances are their instincts will kick in and they’ll take care of those pets for you! Yes, they might deliver their prized possession to you in victory but it’s better than having pests on the loose!

What do you prefer? Are you a dog or cat person? Or maybe both?

Interesting in adopting a feline friend of your own? Here are a few local adoption centers to check out!

Berkeley Animal Center is located in Moncks Corner, SC.

Charleston Animal Society is located in North Charleston, SC.

Dorchester Paws is located in Summerville, SC.

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