We will make your pet the guest of honor in our loving home.

I think it’s safe to say that no pet owner who truly loves their animal feels comfortable leaving them in a confined cage in a musty kennel or boarding facility where they don’t have any time to run, play, interact, and be loved. If you’re in the Cane Bay area of South Carolina, we’re your alternative to typical caged boarding methods.

We will visit your pet daily in your own home and ensure they get just as much care and attention as they would if you were around. Or host your pet in our limited private home boarding.

Each service we provide is 100% tailored to your individual needs.

  • Get to know your pet’s sitter face-to-face – We will organize a complimentary play date in your home or the sitter’s home.
  • Email updates every day – Never be left guessing how your pet is doing. We’ll not only follow your every instruction down to the last detail, we’ll even keep you updated via email so you don’t have to worry while you’re away
  • Above and beyond – All of our pet sitters are animal lovers who will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your pet is safe no matter what.

When we take care of your pet, we snuggle your furry friend while they sleep on our lap. They’ll lay alongside us as we sleep. They’ll be at our heels while we cook dinner. We’ll walk them three to four times a day according to their schedule. We’ll keep litter boxes and puppy pads and always feed your animals according to any and all special dietary instructions. We also issue oral medications free of charge and injections for a nominal fee.

Look, we’re not saying your pet isn’t going to miss you, but they’ll also be having fun and being loved. It’s like going over to a relative’s house while you’re away – we’ll keep them loved and spoiled until you get back.

An Overview of Services We Offer

Dog Walking

  • Unless otherwise specified, we only walk your dog (no pack walking).
  • We give your puppy 100% personal attention.
  • We will feed your dog before or after each walk.
  • Complimentary meeting with all walking requests to ensure your dog and our dog walker get along perfectly.

Cat Sitting Visits

With this service, one of our certified pet sitters will look in on your cat for 30 minutes every day.

  • We will spend a full half hour providing undivided attention to your cat
  • During each of our visits we will ensure the litter box is cleaned, water bowls are cleaned and refilled, food dishes are filled up, and that your kittie gets a TON of attention and behind-the-ear scratches for the puuurrrrrfect amount of time.
  • We will follow any special instructions you have including diet, medical, and play time.
  • We will provide a complimentary meet and greet for all interested potential clients.

Limited Dog / Cat Boarding

Read more about our private in-home dog boarding service. This service allows your dog or cat to be a guest of honor in one of our pet sitter’s homes.

  • We care for your pet the same way they are cared for at home, according to your specifications
  • We never host more than one animal at a time without the consent of the client. Your pet will be our ONLY honored in-home guest while you’re away.
  • We take special care to ensure that each of our pet sitter homes are animal friendly and have all necessary safety features such as screens on all the windows.
  • Each one of our dog boarders work from home and are never out of their home for more than four hours a day, ensuring your cat or dog has round-the-clock supervision and attention.
  • Each potential client of ours receives a complimentary play date to gauge compatibility. This can take place at your house or the pet sitter’s house.

VIP Package

Don’t want to send your animals to a stranger’s house? No problem, we’ll come live in your home while you’re gone and take care of your animals there.

  • If your pet is more comfortable staying at your house, we will send one of our highly trained pet sitters to keep them company until you return home
  • We’ll leave your house clean and organized without invading your privacy
  • All sleepover requests come with a complimentary meet and greet.

Hotel Dog Walking

If you’re traveling through our area and have your pet at your hotel, we’ll visit your dog, up to three time a day, while you’re out seeing the sights or conducting business.

  • Our pet sitter will come to your hotel (up to three times a day) and give your dog a 30 minute walk.
  • We include playing and feeding.
  • Hotel visit requests come with a complimentary meet and greet with one of our pet sitters to ensure compatibility.